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March 10, 2021 Update

We have parts!  Well, some of them!


We wanted to give a quick update on the Under Seat MOLLE "BIN" (Officially "Bin" now since it really isn't a box!)


We received all pieces for the Bin the end of last week. Unfortunately the fronts of the box and seat brackets were damaged in shipping. The main reason we didn't want to take pre-orders actually happened.  Not to worry, the vendor is on top of it and working on new parts this week. We have all hardware packs complete and ready to go.  The only thing left on our side is finishing up the installation instructions, those will be complete in a few days.  We will also be working on an installation video this week, weather permitting. As soon as we receive the new parts and inspect them we will let everyone know when orders will be available. We apologize for the delay.

We had hoped to keep the intro price at $399 but metal prices have been going up almost twice a week for the last month making is more expensive to produce the "boxes". We will be offering the first batch of "boxes" at $419 + tax and shipping. MSRP will be $479, so that's a $60 savings!  We plan to have liners and extra dividers available as add-ons. 

Thanks again for the continued support!