Our ALL NEW Jeep Gladiator Aluminum 3/4 Length MOLLE Panel is a complimentary panel that works with our Full-Size BedSide Compressor Enclosure. The panel is designed to mount with or without the Mopar Trail Rails on the Passenger side of the bed. It does work better if you have the rails but will work with rails. You may need to add an extra rivnut to the bed for the far right corner of the panel for more strength if not using rails. This panel has PALS compatible MOLLE holes with the correct spacing throughout the panel. This upper panel also has correctly spaced holes for mounting the ARB Single compressor anywhere along the panel. This is the same upper panel design used in our full MOLLE panel setup but a shorter length that works with the Full-Size BedSide Compressor Enclosure.


The Half MOLLE panel is 1/8" black texture powder coated aluminum for superior corrosion resistance. We suggest not using the Half MOLLE panel as a tie-down and not to exceed 150lbs.


No drilling required but may be needed for extra strength on the upper right mounting hole if not using bedside rails. 


Patent Pending


3/4 Length MOLLE Panel - Under / No Rail Mount

SKU: BSM-0007-1