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This PACKOUT panel fits both the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper and Alu-Cabin. This PACKOUT panel mounts over the Alu-Cab / Alu-Cabin water tank if you choose the water tank brackets. You can also choose the non-water tank brackets for a more shallow option of mounting in the bulkhead area when there is no water tank. The PACKOUT panel and brackets are 1/8" aluminum powder coated with black texture powder coat. The "OVER TANK" brackets will work with or without the water tank but do stand out from the wall more than the Non-Water Tank brackets if you don't have the tank. The No Mounting Brackets option will include four 1/2 spacers, four rivnuts and stainless hardware.


Since the panels are flat, they can also be mounted in many other situations, not just in the Alu-Cab / Alu-Cabin.


This is a SINGLE PACKOUT panel with mounting brackets (unless no bracket option is selected) and hardware that fits both the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper and Alu-Cabin. PACKOUT containers not included.


The kit includes ONE aluminum PACKOUT panel, mounting brackets, one shim and stainless hardware.


Install Instructions


Patent Pending

Alu-Cab / Alu-Cabin Bulkhead PACKOUT Panel


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