Blemish model - Light scuffs or nicks that occured shipping from production to our shop.


This Under Seat Bin has a full MOLLE front and full MOLLE base panel. 


Our ALL NEW, ALL ALUMINUM Under Seat Storage Bin is designed to mount under the rear seats of the 2020+ Jeep Gladiator, replacing the stock bin that the truck comes with. There are two seat brackets, one bolting under each seat. The brackets interface with the Bin and lock using two independent locks that are bolted to the Bin's front panel. Either seat can be unlocked and lifted without the need to lift the other seat, they work independently. Both front and base MOLLE panels are designed with a PALS compatible MOLLE pattern spaced correctly throughout the panels. The base panel also has correctly spaced holes for mounting the ARB Single or twin compressor anywhere along the panel.  The full MOLLE front panel also has an air coupler and rocker switch hole on each side for setting up an onboard air system under the seat.  If you choose not to use an air coupler and rocker switch, the Bin comes with inserts to close those holes.


The Under Seat Storage Bin is made from 1/8" black texture powder coated aluminum for superior corrosion resistance. Please keep in mind, this is NOT a high security locking box/enclosure/safe. This is a THEFT DETERRENT solution for storing your gear. This is not a gun safe and is not water or dust proof. 813 Fabrication & Design is not responsible for items that may be stolen from the Bin or heat damage that may be caused from an air compressor under the seat. We recommend lifting the rear seat before using your air compressor.


No drilling required. Two small cuts in the bottom side of the seat cover are required for seat bracket installation.


Included with the Under Seat Bin:

Base Panel, Front Panel, 2 Seat Brackets, 1 Divider, 2 locks, Rubber Trim and All Mounting Hardware.


Air compressor, air coupler, air lines and rocker switch NOT included.


Installation Instructions

Installation Video


Please allow 2-4 days for processing and shipping.


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Blemish - Under Seat Storage Bin - Full MOLLE Front and Base

SKU: USM-0003-1-Blem