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2-piece Aluminum Full Bed Side MOLLE Panels with Full MOLLE Lower Panel.  For Driver Side or Passenger Side if you do not have the factory bed-mounted outlet.


Our ALL NEW 2-piece Aluminum Full Bed Side MOLLE Panels are designed to mount with or without the Mopar Trail Rails on the Driver or Passenger side of the Jeep Gladiator truck bed providing a full MOLLE panel setup. If you want to move the panel from one side to the other simply flip the lower panel and bolt the two panels back together. The two panels bolt together using custom aluminum brackets keeping the panels completely flush with one another.  Bolting the panels together also keeps the PALS compatible MOLLE pattern spaced correctly throughout the panels. The upper panel (which can also be used without the lower panel) and lower panel have correctly spaced holes for mounting the ARB Single compressor anywhere along the panel.  When using both panels, the ARB twin compressor can be mounted to the panels using mounting brackets also available.


The Full Bed Side MOLLE panels are 1/8" black texture powder coated aluminum for superior corrosion resistance. We suggest not using the Bed Side MOLLE panels as tie-downs and not to exceed 200lbs.


No drilling required. We do suggest drilling and hard-mounting the lower panel hole, opposite the already hard-mounted corner hole, for more strength if mounting the ARB twin compressor to the panels.


Installation Instructions

Installation Video (Coming Soon)


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Full Bed Side MOLLE Panels w/Full MOLLE Lower Panel

SKU: BSM-0001-1/BSM-0002-1