November 25, 2020 Update

The holiday is causing the some delays with getting the second prototype. I received word today that the second, and hopefully final, prototype should be here by the end of next week (Dec 4).  Stay tuned!  It's gonna be a cool setup!


November 15, 2020 Update

While we call this a "Box" it is more of a Bin that transforms into a "Box" once the seats are lowered and locked down. The box comes with two seat brackets. Each seat bracket bolts into the bottom side of the seat, one per seat. The seat brackets interface with a lock on the box once the seats are lowered.  We don't consider this a high security solution but more of a theft deterrent solution for your Jeep Gladiator. 


We received the first full prototype of the Under Seat MOLLE Box last week.  It looks awesome... Well, mostly.  It was twisted in multiple directions when it arrived via freight shipping!  I was able to hammer it back into a fairly workable setup, at least to test fit the way I needed.  So, with the prototype being damaged in shipping that puts us a few weeks behind.  There is a new prototype in production and will be here in 1-2 weeks. For now, you can see what the MOLLE Box will look like. Aside from being damaged in shipping, the two corner bends were not bent correctly, they do not have the correct radius in this prototype.  This has been addresses and the next prototype will have the correct bends to match the bottom panel. We have also reworked the pattern on the bottom of the box to allow for more positions with the ARB Twin Compressor.  So instead of two positions, one per side, it is now possible to mount the Twin and Single ARB compressor in various locations along the bottom panel of the MOLLE Box.

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